Mario Gregorio, Superintendent of Construction 

Mario was born in Sassinoro, in the Province of Benevento, Italy in 1951. Having grown up on a farm, he has always enjoyed agriculture, gardening, and construction. At the age of thirteen he started to work part-time for a construction company.

Mario came to the U.S. in 1968 and settled in Ossining, Westchester County. In 1970, he started his landscaping business, Gregorio & Gregorio, Inc., later adding on road paving and all phases of masonry construction. Today he concentrates his business in masonry construction and management. His work has been featured in Fine Homebuilding magazine.

Mario has been working for Olnick Spanu for over twenty years and is currently the Superintendent at the Magazzino of Italian Art construction site. He lives with his wife in Cold Spring.