Acclaimed Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza wins the 2018 Piranesi Lifetime Achievement Award |   March 6, 2018

La Accademia Adrianea di Architettura di Roma presented Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza with the 2018 Piranesi Prix de Rome Career Achievement Award on March 2.

Alberto Campo Baeza. Photograph by Manuel Yllera.

In this case, the Piranesi prize for Lifetime Achievement references qualities of an architect’s work and his approach to high classical culture.

“Architecture has been, is, and will be the result of combining reason and intuition. Or as Vitrubio demanded, comply with the Utilitas and the Firmitas and the Venustas. In any case, look for Beauty boldly,” stated architect Alberto Campo Baeza.

“I believe that this bold search for Beauty is what comes to recognize this Piranesi Award,” Campo Baeza underlined about this accolade, whose award ceremony will take place on March 16 in Rome on the occasion of the Accademia Adrianea’s Academic Course opening. The evening will be attended by Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Spanu, founders of Olnick Spanu, and Miguel Quismondo, architect of Magazzino Italian Art, who collaborated with Alberto Campo Baeza on the Olnick Spanu House.

Always fascinated with architecture, Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Spanu commissioned Campo Baeza in 2003 to create “Casa Mia,” the Olnick Spanu House in Garrison, NY. Reflective of both the couple and their love of art, the glass house stands as Baeza’s first project in the U.S. and reflects a balance between modernism and classicism in dialogue with the scenery and light of the Hudson Valley.