Domenico Bianchi in Amsterdam |   June 3, 2016

Two shows recently opened in Amsterdam that feature the work of Olnick Spanu Art Program artist Domenico Bianchi. The first of these is a solo exhibition at the Slewe Gallery (May 28 – July 2, 2016) and the other, at the Stedelijk Museum, is a show entitled Excitement, guest-curated by former director Rudi Fuchs (May 27 – October 2, 2016).


Domenico Bianchi
Untitled, 2011, oil and wax on linen on fiberboard, 80 x 60 cm

The exhibition at the Slewe Gallery, on view from May 28 until July 2, will feature all new works by Bianchi, including some on paper and others executed with the artist’s signature technique of mixing melted wax with oil paints. The Slewe has been showing Bianchi’s work since 2009, when he had his first solo exhibition at the gallery. More information on the current show can be found here.

Excitement, a show comprised of over 100 works, offers a look at contemporary art from the last half-century; its name, as Fuchs describes in a dedicated essay for the exhibition, derives from the sensation he felt when he began hanging works himself in the mid-1970s, and especially from looking at seemingly dissociated works side by side. Excitement is on view through October 2; more about this retrospective can be found here.

Additional information about Domenico Bianchi and his Panchina, created for the 2009 Olnick Spanu Art Program, can be found here. The book published on Bianchi and Panchina contains essays on the artist and his techniques, including the mixing of hot wax and oil paint deployed in some of the new works currently on view at the Slewe Gallery.