Gazzetta di Modena in conversation with Magazzino Italian Art founders on Sauro Bocchi |   August 4, 2017

Gazzetta di Modena’s Stefano Luppi paid homage yesterday to the late Sauro Bocchi, acclaimed gallerist and collector, in an interview with Magazzino Italian Art founders Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Spanu.

Sauro Bocchi.

The feature highlights the fundamental role Bocchi played for Nancy and Giorgio in terms of discovering the 1960s Arte Povera movement. A knowledgeable figure with a keen eye, he ignited the couple’s curiosity for Contemporary Italian art, leading them to research the movement and begin collecting major pieces from the artists associated with it.

Over the years, their professional and personal bond would come to inspire the conceptualization of a new art space fit to house these monumental pieces, whose nature calls for an ample and versatile display environment: Magazzino Italian Art.