Gioia Marchegiani’s illustrations for Maria Lai’s story “Il campanellino d’argento” have been selected to be exhibited at Bologna Children’s Book Fair (3-6 April 2017) |   January 14, 2017

Gioia Marchegiani’s illustrations for “Il campanellino d’argento”, a story by Maria Lai, an artist featured in the Olnick Spanu Collection, have been selected to be exhibited at the International Exhibition of Illustrators during the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, which will take place from April 3 through April 6, 2017.

In Summer 2017 Gioia Marchegiani’s illustrations will be published by the publishing house Topipittori in the Book “Il campanellino d’argento,” a story by Maria Lai inspired by a fairy tale belonging to the Sardinian tradition, thanks to the support of Maria Sofia Pisu, Maria Lai’s niece and the President of the Fondazione Maria Lai. The book will be published in the series of almost classical fairy tales.

Il Campanellino D'Argento
Gioia Marchegiani’s Illustrations for “Il campanellino d’argento”

Gioia Marchegiani is an illustrator and painter based in Rome, Italy. She graduated in Illustration at the European Institute of Design, Rome and she co-founded a non-profit culture association, Semidicarta, which intends to promote reading and creative educational activities.

Further information about Gioia Marchegiani che be found here.