In Memoriam: Annamaria Zanella   November 10, 2022

It is with profound sorrow that we say goodbye to an extraordinary friend and innovative jewelry maker, Annamaria Zanella. An incredible friend, wife, and artist, she will be remembered for redefining the language of jewelry, introducing completely new figurations, materials, and colors through her use of both traditional and “poor” materials. Born in Padua, the center of contemporary gold jewelry in Italy, Annamaria won numerous prestigious awards for her ‘povera’ jewelry, showing it in countless international solo and group exhibitions.

Annamaria faced her long struggle with her illness with courage, determination and equanimity, continuing to create poetry and beauty with her hands throughout her life. Her compassion for humanity was limitless and she expressed it through her work.

She was a dear Italian “sorella” to Co-founder Nancy Olnick, who describes Annamaria as “a true hero in every sense of the word.”