Olivia Salvadori releases ‘Isola’ contemporary music video |   June 7, 2017

Italo-Australian operatic singer Olivia Salvadori reveals her contemporary music video for ‘Isola,’ one of the songs from her album released earlier this year titled “Dare Voce.”

Ms. Salvadori’s new album verges on the brink of experimental avant-garde. It is the collaborative brainchild between the artist and London-based composer Sandro Mussida, who works with mixing compositional choices between classical and electronic music. “Dare Voce” looks at fusing the singer’s classically-trained soprano voice with diverse sounds including electronic, rock, jazz music and more.

The new video for ‘Isola’ is directed by American filmmaker Dustin Lynn, whose works have been shown at the Tribeca Film Festival and the New York Film Festival, among others.

‘Isola’ showcases dancer Brittany Bailey, who performs an abstract and lyrical dance on the grounds of Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Spanu’s property in Garrison, NY. Here, we see the protagonist on a labyrinth floor designed by Nancy Olnick.

A piece by the singer’s father, Remo Salvadori (an Olnick Spanu Art Program artist), makes an appearance on-screen; it is that of a white marble cube with the infamous Ram Dass saying “Be Here Now” sandblasted in 6 different languages on each side. It is strategically placed near the maze in order to remind the viewer to be in the moment.

“Dare Voce” can be found on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.