Paolo Canevari’s “Souvenir” film selected for 2017 Artecinema Festival |   October 11, 2017

Courtesy of Artecinema © 2017.

Olnick Spanu is pleased to announce the selection of Paolo Canevari’s Souvenir film at this year’s Artecinema International Film Festival. It will be showcased on Saturday, October 21 beginning 6:50 p.m. at the Augusteo Theatre in Naples, Italy.

Directed by Domenico Palma, the film portrays the conception and creation of ‘Souvenir’, Paolo Canevari’s installation commissioned for the 2015 #OlnickSpanuArtProgram as a celebration of its 10th anniversary.

The artist during the construction process of the ‘Souvenir’ artworks.

Born in Rome, Canevari frequently introduces icons of Italian history in his works. Specifically, ‘Souvenir’ pays homage to the she-wolf, the quintessential symbol of the Roman Empire. The work is composed of three sheet-metal silhouettes, taken from three hand-drawn images and printed black.

Through this site-specific work, the artist achieves a connection between Italy and the U.S., placing the Roman she-wolf on the grounds of the striking Hudson Valley.

The final installations in Garrison, NY. Photograph by Marco Anelli © 2017.
Photograph by Marco Anelli © 2017.