Follow the Shape, a public installation by Paolo Puddu, entered the collection of the Museum at the St. Elmo Castle, Naples |   January 24, 2017

On January 21, 2017 the public installation Follow the Shape by the artist Paolo Puddu entered the collection of the Museum at the St. Elmo Castle, Naples and is now permanently on view.

Follow the Shape, Paolo Puddu
Paolo Puddu, Follow the Shape. Photo credit: Neal Peruffo

With Follow the Shape Paolo Puddu won the Fifth edition of the contest “A work for the Castle”, curated by Angela Tecce and Claudia Borrelli, which aimed to rethink the function of the St. Elmo Castle and its connection with the surrounding areas.

Paolo Puddu succeeded in creating an original bond between the castle and the adjacent environment. The panoramic fortifications became a place to live different kind of unique sensory experiences starting from writings inspired to Naples. By using the braille writing system the artist encourages the visitors to have a tactile experience thus offering them a different perspective from the visual one.

More information about Follow the Shape can be found here.

Paolo Puddu was born in Naples in 1986. He works with photography, sculpture and installations and has exhibited all around Italy.

More information about the artis will soon be available here.