Conveyance (Vitalia) is the title of the artwork by Massimo Bartolini commissioned by Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Spanu for the 2006 Olnick Spanu Art Program. The work is a stainless steel concentric circular bench with a pool at the center that hosts a perpetual vertical wave.

Conveyance (Vitalia) is an interaction between movement and stillness: the wave creates a heartbeat, the rhythm of which transports the viewer to an ideal place of contemplation. It induces in the viewer a state that is at once meditative and highly experiential. Bartolini invites the viewer to engage with the “osmosis” of sky, water, and land generated by the wave; the confrontation with this unexpected reality opens up another perception of the self and of the universe. With this work, the artist produces an event in which the physical experience in conjunction with the meditation inherent to it unify interior and exterior, individual and society, private and public, past and present.

Medium and dimensions

Stainless steel, water, clay, polycarbonate, motor
19.7 x 149 in. (50 x 380 cm)

For information on the artist and the artwork please contact Magazzino d’Arte Moderna, Rome,; Frith Street Gallery, London,; or Massimo de Carlo Gallery, Milan,