Vetreria Alfredo Barbini 1932–

Alfredo Barbini worked as an apprentice at S.A.I.A.R. Ferro Toso and the Società Anonima Vetrerie e Cristallerie di Murano. He also worked as a glassblower in furnaces such as Barovier Seguso & Ferro, V.A.M.S.A., and in particular, Gino Cenedese & C., where he served as the artistic director. In 1950, Barbarini opened his own furnace. Skilled in the hot-work manipulation of massiccio glass, to Barbini channeled his efforts towards researching the malleability of glass, as his preference for essential forms continued to grow. After the ’60s, Flavio Barbini joined his father in both the administration of the company and product design. Today, the company is still one of the most important glassmakers in Murano.

Photograph by Luca Vignelli